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Mother's Day (2010)

"Mother watches and observes the captured and plays on their insecurities, working their dispositions to her advantage."

It may well be 10 years old, but my love for this film is incredibly strong. So I felt utterly compelled to write a review in order to get some fresh eyes on this thrilling home invasion film, that blends horror, gore and one incredible central performance by Rebecca De Mornay as "Mother". You technically shouldn’t always root for the ‘villain’ in these kinds of films, but you’ll find yourself mesmerised by her performance, it is so f**king fantastic that you can't help but do so.

Jaime King & Frank Grillo are hosting a gathering with their friends, for some drinks, food and a good time in their new home. Just as the party is in full swing and everyone is down in the basement, chaos ensues as the Koffin brothers burst in upstairs from a bank robbery gone wrong. The youngest of the brothers has been shot and is rapidly bleeding out. The siblings believe it is still their home, but clearly this is no longer the case after a bank foreclosure.

With a little bit of struggle, the three brothers eventually overtake the house and its inhabitants. And luckily enough, it just so happens that one of them is a doctor (X-Men’s Shawn Ashmore), who promises to help save their younger sibling, but only if they don’t harm anyone downstairs. However, the real fun doesn't begin until the arrival of their Mother and sister (Deborah Ann Woll). It is here that the film really kicks into overdrive. If you are not a fan of gore or torture then I would suggest looking away now, but "Mother" also brings the fun in torment. She always gets the information she needs, does not like to be crossed and the mentor & teacher to ensure her children are strong survivalists. Unfortunately the brothers have been sending packets of money to the house for months to help their Mother, which of course she did not get. So who has been getting them? This is what "Mother" wants to know.

"If you are not a fan of gore or torture then I would suggest looking away now."

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (who we already know can handle gore from experiencing Saw 2-4) really knows how to amp up the tension and suspense, putting his complete faith in Rebecca De Mornay to be his vessel. From shootings, stabbings, utilised boiling water and everything in between, "Mother" watches and observes the captured and plays on their insecurities, working their dispositions to her advantage. Her calm nature is unnerving, teaching her sons not to bite, but instead to wait for their opportune moment to strike.

There is also a side line story which involves Jaime King’s "Beth" and the older wiser brother but it’s just to get them out of the house and away from the action, on a wild goose chase for money. But, this film is all about "Mother" at heart and the power she possesses with not just her sons, but each individual in the house and the way in which she carries herself. She is ruthless, cunning and smart. Teaching her children that the only person they can trust is her. No one else. I’ve got to give a shout out to Brianna Evigan too who also nails her character and performance, especially when she chosen by "Mother" to take the virginity of her youngest son. It’s an uncomfortable scene to watch, but played out by all incredibly well.

It is a smart little home invasion horror film, with a fantastic return to form from Rebecca De Mornay, whose commitment to the role just lifts from page to screen, but also forces you to root for her. Fantastic.

Now available on Amazon Prime.



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