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JT LeRoy (2018)

Directed by Justin Kelly

Based on the true story of Savannah Knoop (Kristen Stewart), who spends six years impersonating the fictional transgender author created by her sister-in-law.

For such a compelling plot, this film really hits all the wrong beats. Instead of looking at the severe implications of impersonating a struggling transgendered individual, we get a tale of Savannah falling for a trashy director and feeling upset when she cant be herself around her. The effect on the trans community is a way more interesting plot thread and I believe key to the moral standing of the lead characters.

I have no problems with Kristen Stewart’s performance, but Laura Dern was extremely annoying as both her character Laura and her British alter ego Speedie. First off she is an annoying person who takes advantage of both her boyfriend and sister-in-law, with no understanding or care for how it will affect them. She also sports a horrendous British accent when she pretends to be JT LeRoy’s assistant, which is truly unforgivable and totally distracting.

Regardless of how close this is to the true events that unfolded, who really cares to see them?



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