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The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection (2020)

"RuPaul could learn a lot from The Boulet Brothers."

Due to my huge love of horror and drag I just had to review a special in which they are moulded into one, in this exceptional documentary, reality competition, collection of short films, visual spectacular and most importantly a look at people becoming/being who they are. Thank you Shudder for picking this up!

When people think of drag, they usually gravitate towards RuPaul’s Drag Race, but what the Brothers have accomplished through just three seasons is a more diverse and inclusive atmosphere, full of acceptance and horror. The concept for this docu/film/behind the scenes special is to allow a previous eliminated contestant the chance to join Season 4 for another chance to become the worlds next Drag Super Monster.

A fine example of why this works on a completely different level is the element of learning about these fierce and creative individuals. Priscilla Chambers is a fine example of someone who has struggled with facing who she is, currently living as a Trans woman and going through Transition. Listening to her explain what drag is, how difficult the community have felt and the struggles she’s overcome is a powerful and refreshing change for a reality show, giving someone screen time for pure unfiltered honesty. She has a glow about her as she talks, a cheeky and mischievous smile. Using her floor show to showcase her support for Trans Rights, which is something I feel very strongly about myself. Another contestant called Dahli talks about overcoming her own insecurities and what regrets can do to increase your creativity & drive. On top of it all they also address the impact of the BLM movement & how they use their position in drag to help and support the cause.

"It is a unique, strong and powerful two-hour special which is filled with amazing performances, harsh truths and above all, acceptance and inclusivity."

The contestants are given the opportunity to show their creativity by constructing three distinguished looks in three separate challenges from previous seasons. The returning artists describe in detail how they create their looks, as well as where the inspiration comes from, whether it be through culture or the horrors they have endured. For example one contestant (Kendra Onixxx) gets increasingly emotional talking about an accident during a fire breathing performance, feeling every beat of terror in her story and the road to recovery she endured. What really stands out for Dragula (both this special and their seasons) is the ability to just let the camera roll, it allows people to open up and share their stories naturally, something that after 12 seasons of RuPauls Drag Race still doesn’t even come close to.

The final floor shows include some amazing visuals, stunning horror aesthetics and a dedication that I admire. The three floor shows allow them to showcase some Halloween favourites, from Witches, Ghosts, to Vampires. You will be in awe of the creative choices and their unique style of Drag, which is hardly seen and one that I champion. It is a unique, strong and powerful two-hour special which is filled with amazing performances, harsh truths and above all, acceptance and inclusivity. RuPaul could learn a lot from The Boulet Brothers.


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