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Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019)

Directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo

Brittany Runs a Marathon is an uplifting and inspiring story about a girl called Brittany (obviously) who decides to run a marathon (obviously) in order to help her feel better about her life. Throughout this journey she questions her weight, her friends and where her career is going, ultimately leading to changes in all.

Everyone who watches this film will take something away from it and have the moments they enjoyed. You will either relate to one of the characters or enjoy one of the funny moments, of which there are many, a lot of them working but there are some that fall a little short.

My main problem with this film however is that it is very forgettable. This is a problem that affects a lot of these streaming services films. I was hoping because Brittany Runs a Marathon is getting a cinema release it might break that mould. The sad reality is that it doesn’t really do anything to break the norm or push the boundaries. It is very palatable and you feel like you have seen this film hundreds of times already.

This film really lost me, and I felt like most the cinema, in the final act. I felt like it didn’t know where it wanted to go with the plot which led to a poorly written ending. They changed Brittany’s story line quite dramatically which I personally think ruined the whole tone of the film and the message it was trying to tell.

I would recommend watching this film despite all its flaws. It will leave you feeling happier and more positive about life. Might even make you go for a jog around the block!



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